⏭️What happens next?

If you are on this page, it means that you have made an investment in the $MLC token of Mylovelyplanet.

Please take the following steps into consideration, as some of them are mandatory to receive your tokens.

Email Verification

After making your first transaction, you will need to verify your email address.

**If you haven't made your first transaction yet, you can proceed directly to step 2.

Step1: Click on the red banner (below) directly from the dashboard, you will be redirected to "Your profile".

Step2: Click on "Send code by email"

Step 3: Open your inbox and copy your verification code (as shown below)

Step 4: Paste the code in the right section and click on "Save Code"

Congrats! Now your email has been verified!

Step 5: Refresh the page (Ctrl+Shift+R) and you'll find the information right into your "Dashboard section"

KYC Verification

To comply with applicable laws, each investor will need to undergo a KYC (Know Your Customer) process. This process is mandatory to obtain the purchased tokens.

You will find a red banner on your dashboard that will guide you through this step.

Step 1: Click on "Verify my Identity" to start the KYC verification process.

Step 2: Follow the on-screen process. You will go through 3 validation steps:

  1. Liveness

  2. Identity document

  3. Proof of address

Once the process is completed, your submission will be pending validation by the admin team.

Once your KYC has been approved by the admin team, you will receive a confirmation email as follows.

In a few weeks, MyLovelyPlanet will contact you to link your "Public Address" to your account.

Claim your tokens

Once the MyLovelyPlanet smart contracts are deployed, you will have the opportunity to claim your tokens available in accordance with the vesting period chosen during the purchase.


The listing is planned for April 2024 on an initial DEX (Decentralized Exchange), and we are in discussions with CEXs (Centralized Exchanges) for additional listings.

As a reminder, only 5% of the tokens owned by investors (Private and Public Sale) will be available at the TGE

As we will be listing the token at a price of $0.1


The vesting period is defined as follows :

  • - 5% of your $MLC will unlock at listing (only investors have $MLC at listing)

  • - 3 month cliff (no more token received during 3 month)

  • - The rest of the tokens unlocked everyday over the vesting period. (if you choose 2 years, you will receive $MLC everyday during 2 years)


You choose to invest $1000 with a 2 year vesting in round 1 (at a price of $0.061). You will get 18032 tokens (16393 $MLC + 1639 $MLC Bonus).

You will receive 5% of your tokens on the day of the listing, i.e. 901.6 tokens.

You will not receive any tokens for the next 3 months, during the blocking period.

Finally you will receive 26.8 tokens per day for 639 days, corresponding to 21 months (the 24 months of vesting - the 3 months of blocking)

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