My Lovely Coin (MLC)

The green token that grows as the number of players grow.
MLC token, at the heart of My Lovely Planet’s environmental mission
The My Lovely Coin is an ERC20 utility token that is based on the Polygon blockchain.
We have committed to dedicating 15% of our global turnover to the environment, which has the potential to generate hundreds of millions of dollars each year. This ambitious goal reflects the urgency of addressing the pressing issues of global warming and pollution.
The idea emerged from the realization that the crypto market has been one of the fastest-growing markets in recent years, with a cumulated value of 1.27 trillion dollars as of April 2023.
This led to the question: What if we could leverage the power of crypto, gaming, and blockchain to create one of the largest funds for environmental protection in just a few years?
From this crazy but ground rooted idea was borned the My Lovely Coin (MLC).
A token that will brings value to all our stakeholders :
The planet - The investors - The players - The Team
Here are the steps we will take to achieve our goal.

First step : Creating a utility token for My Lovely Planet

The MLC token will be a central component of both the in-game and out-of-game economies. It will be a means of purchase to buy seeds, tickets, bonuses, skins, NFT’s, etc. (in-game)
AND also play a central role in all the future products and features that we are going to develop.
For example, when a player wants to advance faster in his mission, he can buy one of the following items:
  • A nice handful of 5 seeds
  • A cauldron of 50 seeds
  • A treasure of 200 seeds
And many other cool items…
The in-app purchases are done in a few clicks directly in the game because the player's credit card is already integrated in Google Pay and App Store.
Players also know that their purchase contributes to the development of the My Lovely Planet project and to the protection of the environment.

Second step : Linking the value of My Lovely Planet to the value of MLC

As we observed, the primary currency used in My Lovely Planet is the MLC. This has a significant and direct impact as :
  • 85% of in-app purchases
  • 5% of ADS revenues
will be used to “buy-back” MLC on the market. As a result, the value of MLC is closely tied to the overall revenue generated by My Lovely Planet.
As the number of players and purchases increases, so does the value of MLC.
*The value of these in-game items in $/€ will remain constant/stable.
Here's a comprehensive example that illustrates the effect of in-app purchases on the price of MLC.
Every inApp purchase is made in FIAT (€ or $) and 85% will be used to buyback the MLC on the exchanges as soon as the token is listed.
Let’s consider an example of a player who wants to purchase 10$ worth of something, such as a new skin, and examine the money stream:
  • Step 1 : Player requests to buy a 10$ skin
  • Step 2 : Player pays 10$ for the skin
  • Step 3 : Player receive the new skin
  • Step 4 : 1,5$ is directly sent to NGO’s while the remaining 8,5$ is used to buy-back 8,5$ worth of MLC on the exchanges
  • Step 5 : 8,5$ worth of MLC are transferred to the MLP treasury wallet
So, each in-game purchase adds value to the MLC token, making this tokenomics both simple and powerful.
Players will also be able to buy assets directly in the game with their MLC with a custodial wallet directly integrated into the game
As a result, MLC token acquires a significant and genuine value.
By purchasing items in the game, players will seamlessly enter the web3 ecosystem, and as more players join, the number of token holders will increase.
Our ultimate goal is to build a global community of 100 million web3 players who share a commitment to planting trees, cleaning the ocean, and protecting biodiversity
Our third step is even more powerful.

Third step : Allocating 30% of the total supply to the Environmental Treasury

Our goal is to become one of the top 30 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization, which as of December 2023 stands at 2.8 billion dollars. Achieving this would mean that we have created an Environmental Treasury worth more than 800 million dollars in just a few years.
This is how My Lovely Planet plans to leverage the potential of cryptocurrency and gaming to make a positive impact on the planet.
Finally, we believe that a successful system is one that benefits all stakeholders, which is why we have allocated 20% of the total token supply to both private and public investors. With the Environmental Treasury receiving 30% of the initial token distribution, this also means that for every 1 dollar earned by investors, the environment will receive 1,5 dollars in value.
We will provide a detailed explanation of how this works in the Tokenomics section.

My Lovely Coin - Token Utility

My Lovely Coin (MLC) token is the game's currency, but what does it actually mean?
We have created the Reward Community Treasory token hub.
Players will be able to earn or purchase MLC tokens on our platform, and use these tokens to perform a variety of actions:
  • Buy skins for characters, bonuses
  • Go faster in the mission
  • Buy seeds
  • Buy tickets
  • Subscribe and get access to specific content, an exclusive magic island, a vegetable garden, a barn, a farm, etc...
Also the NFT Lovely Protectors will give exclusive advantages:
  • Access to specific communities, specific islands in the game
  • Access to exclusive mini-games, an exclusive Game Arena and a Lovely Protector ranking
Therefore, the more players there are, the more valuable the MLC token will become.
This MLC token will have to stay as much as possible in the My Lovely Planet ecosystem.
The goal is to create an extraordinary universe accessible only through MLC tokens so that players prefer to spend it in the game rather than resell it on exchanges.
The engine of our game is the impact, the pleasure to play and to enlarge the island and the community.

My Lovely Planet Mangrove - MLC as a utiliy token for an infrastructure of products

A natural ecosystem is self-regulating and the resource moves within a cycle.
Forests, seas, marshes, deserts are all ecosystems and the biodiversity they contain is an essential element of natural balance.
Nature is good, and we have taken inspiration from it to create the virtuous ecosystem of our MLC token.
As we have seen previously, the utility of the MLC token is extremely diverse and powerful within the My Lovely Planet game.
So the My Lovely Planet revolution is that we are building a Web3 game, but with web2 players, who will have access to this Web3 without even realizing it...
Let's now widen our field of vision. We are now going outside the game, and building value outside the game.
What is outside the game?
First, in terms of tokenomics, the first thing to understand is how the Environmental Treasury works, a fund that grows in value as the MLC token grows in value, and is used to:
  • Fund direct donations for the environment
  • Fund projects that will generate money for the climate such as the sale of carbon credits, recycling and the sale of plastics,
  • Invest in decarbonization projects
The money generated by these projects will be reinvested to buy back the MLC token and enhance the Environmental Treasury fund.
On this pool, the MLC token holders will be able to vote to choose the projects funded.
Now, let's go a step further.
The My Lovely Planet game allows us to create a tight-knit community that believes in our mission.
We will offer hundreds of amazing products to our community, all with the same mission.
We will create the Mangrove, an ecosystem of everyday Web2 products with our My Lovely Planet brand, where the strategy will be the same, to use Web3 without realizing it, and bring value to the MLC token.
The MLC will be at the center of this product ecosystem.
My Lovely Shop:
An "ethical Amazon", with only ethical and eco-responsible products, in short circuit, delivered by bike, without plastic or packaging, where you can pay only in MLC. So you buy an ethical product, and you contribute to the value of the token and also to the Environmental Treasury investment fund. You will be able to have loyalty cards on this store, in order to earn MLC that will come from the Community Reward Treasury.
Example 2:
My Lovely Friends:
A social network, a competitor to Instagram. It sounds crazy. But not if we are already a community of 100 million players.
Creators will be able to be rewarded in MLC, and companies will have to buy the MLC to advertise on the network.
Tomorrow, the MLC token will be the infrastructure token for all web projects that want to have an impact, and will be able to benefit from a strong environmental image to spread around the world.
Any start-up, company, NGO or creator who launches a product, and who wants to have an impact, can integrate the MLC as a payment method.
We will be able to fund their development, and their users will buy the token.
When a company joins the Mangrove My Lovely Planet ecosystem, they will have access to a community of 100 million MLC holders.
Made with love by the My Lovely Planet team 🌱❤️