๐Ÿ”ฅHow to claim your $MLC - available on June, 25

Please note: If you lost your private key, or your wallet has been compromised/hacked, there's nothing we can do. We will not be able to help you in the chat.

If you didn't link your wallet to your account before June 20, you can still do it. Token claim will be available for you starting September 30, 2024.

If your KYC is not completed (orange rectangle 'KYC not done' on the dashboard), please complete it to be able to claim your tokens.

Your $MLC are directly claimable from your dashboard, on My Lovely Planet. Here's the step-by-step process to claim them:

Step 1. Connect to your wallet

The first step is to connect to your wallet, enter your password, and make sure you're on the Polygon Network.

Once connected to your wallet, it will appear as 'Connected' on your My Lovely Planet dashboard.

IMPORTANT: If you see 'Disconnected wallet' on your dashboard, please go back to Step 1. If you see 'wrong wallet connected' switch the wallet address you're connected to, to the one you've linked to your account.

Your 'bought tokens' (white number) represent the total number of tokens you've bought.

The 'tokens available to claim' (green number) represent the total number of tokens you can claim now. This number evolves over time, as more tokens become available to claim. To refresh this number, click on the arrow next to the green number.

The 'Token remaining locked in vesting' are the token that will gradually become available during the vesting period.

Step 2. Claim your $MLC

IMPORTANT: Before claiming your tokens, please, make sur the $MLC is added to your MetaMask. If the $MLC token is not added on your MetaMask, then your tokens will not be visible in your wallet, even if claimed.

First, visit this page to add $MLC to your MetaMask, and come back once added: https://whitepaper.mylovelyplanet.org/lovely-family-mlc-investors/view-your-usdmlc-on-metamask

Once the $MLC is added to your MetaMask, you can claim your tokens.

To claim your $MLC, click on the 'Claim' button - this button will be available on June 25, the listing day.

A pop-up from your wallet should appear, to validate and sign the transaction, and confirm your claim. You will also see the 'Claim in progress' on your dashboard, meaning that the transaction is waiting to be validated. Confirm it in your wallet to receive your $MLC.

Once claimed, a pop-up window will appear on your dashboard, confirming the transaction. Your $MLC will appear as '$MLC in connected wallet' on your dashboard and will be visible in your wallet.

If you want to sell your tokens, you can follow this article to sell them on MEXC:

Sell your $MLC on MEXC

Step 3. Distribution Calendar

Your distribution calendar is available below 'Bought tokens' on your dashboard.

This calendar details the number of tokens that will be available to claim gradually, over the vesting period. The number of tokens is set monthly on the calendar, but you will be able to claim your tokens on a daily basis.

Each time you want to claim tokens, please, do the whole claiming process again.

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