Business model

Our two main revenues flow

Like most casual games on mobile, we have two main revenues flow on the web2 side of our project:
▶️ Reward Ads
In the game, players can watch ads to earn tickets and seeds so they can progress in the game. Our ads are “reward ads”, which provide an opportunity for the player to watch a video or engage with a playable ad in exchange for a reward, so that the ads are not intrusive and the gaming experience is preserved.
🎫 In-App purchase
In-game purchase, i.e., the option to purchase additional privileges within the games, is a significant revenue-generating channel for the mobile gaming industry. The flexibility for in-game payment methods also facilitates the growth of mobile gaming revenues worldwide.

Data and KPIs

Monthly active user :
  • January 2023: 3,5k
  • February 2023: 5k
  • March: 8,5k
We currently have 8k monthly active users on our beta version of our app.
These users give us precious qualitative and quantitative feedback. We see that an Daily active user generates on average 0,1$ and several inquiery tells us that 10% of our players will be willing to pay a monthly subscription between 1 and 5$/month.
1% of our users already buy inApp purchase with a average purchase of 15$.
These revenue streams will increase as My Lovely Planet grows, thus ensuring a steady growth of the My Lovely Coin.

Future revenues

We will also launch an NFT collection for our most committed players.
The NFT collection of magical Lovely Protectors will be the first showcase to our most engaged players with the exclusive possibility of buying the NFT directly in the game. This will enable them to receive additional content and also some MLC when they play in the Game Arena (those MLC comes from the Community Treasury). The NFT prices will be in the range of 50-500 dollars.


2024 : 635 000 MAU / 2 millions € turnover
2025 : 1 200 000 MAU / 6 millions € turnover
2026 : 2 000 000 MAU / 30 millions€ turnover
Made with love by the My Lovely Planet team 🌱❤️