Part of the team in our Bordeaux headquarters
We have worked more than two years with our incredible and passionate team of experts to transform our dream into reality. My Lovely Planet team is mainly based in France but also work with passionate people around the world in Indonesia, Brazil, England, etc. Every aspect of the company is handled by an expert in his domain.

Clément Le Bras, CEO

Clément is an Impact Entrepreneur and the founder of My Lovely Planet.
Graduate of Mines de Paris, France's most prestigious engineering school, with a major in Energy, and trained in environmental issues by the expert Jean Marc Jancovici, Clément LE BRAS is an entrepreneur with a passion for new technologies.
After spending a year in Madagascar working with one of the world's poorest communities, which is also one of the most vulnerable to climate change, he decided to dedicate his career to finding innovative climate protection solutions.
He has first created a search engine that finances social and environmental projects.
Lilo has generated:
  • 6 million active users
  • 8 million € in revenue
  • given 4 million € to thousands of NGOs.
He has managed to create a community of millions of users with few resources, as Lilo has only raised love money, through creative videos and partnerships. He has learned how to grow a community from scratch on social networks and with little to no budget, how to engage users, have PR releases, build sustainable partnerships, how to code and lead a technical project.
He is the CEO of my Lovely Planet and has coded the first alpha version of the game on unity.

Louis-Ambroise Bush, Expert Game Designer

Ex Product Owner @ The Sandbox
Louis-Ambroise has 8 years XP in Game design, system design, gamification, economic design, blockchain games, tokenomics, smart contracts and blockchain architecture.
He is considered one of the french expert in web3 products.

Sandro Teixeira, Unity Lead Game Developer

Sandro has tremendous experience with more than 10 years of Unity coding in gaming and AR. Before my Lovely Planet, he was an associate at So Loon, an AR studio specialized in developing a custom AR experience.
He was also the artistic director of the biborg game studio. Sandro has various experiences in game development in both artistic and technical aspect gives him a unique perspective on game design and architecture.
He is responsible for the technical integrity of My Lovely Planet and the core island game.

Thibaut Lefebvre, Web2 CTO

Thibaut is a full stack developer and the founder of Moodlab.
Thibaut has over 10 years of experience in the creation and development of complex websites and SAAS software. He is teacher at the France Business School.

Xavier Leprêtre, Web3 expert

Xavier is a 8 years XP Blockchain Architech Expert.
He is the director of the B9Lab, a company specialized in blockchain technology that work closely with clients like Cronos, Meta, Amazon, Tezos and much more.
He is interested in technology, economics, and how crypto-currencies and smart contracts offer the possibility to change society.

Rémi Delafontaine, Head of Partnership

Remi is an ultra dynamic and enthusiastic digital entrepreneur with an engineering and business development background.
He is in charge of partnerships and growth at My Lovely Planet.
Ex Business Unit Manager Nuclear Industry. Ex founder several start-ups and ecommerce.
Expert acquisition, lead generation and growth.

Sylvain Theveniaud, Web3 Advisor

Sylvain is the founder of Allianz Accelerator and a successful pioneer of the ecosystem.
52 startups accelerated in 5 years, 600+m€ raised, 500 jobs created, x8 revenue, 48% management team w/ women, one Unicorn, total portfolio value > 3+Billions €
Sylvain is an operationnal Advisor who helps us on a daily basis to accomplish our mission.
Web3, IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Insurtech, Sharing Economy, Cyber Security, CSR, Virtual & Augmented reality, New Services

Nathan, Advisor Tokenomics

Nathan is one of the french expert in Tokenomics.
#Web3 | #TokenEconomics | #RiskManagement | Nomiks builds, audits, Stress Test your Token Economics and provides risk management optimisations thanks to battle-tested simulations

Romane Salva, Head of content creation and Creative Studio

Romane is a talented community manager in charge of the creative studio of My Lovely Planet. Her role is to ensure the animation of the community and the management of the production teams to deliver a video content per day on all the social networks.

Nielisson Silva, Lead UX designer

Nielisson is in charge of all the design of the mini-game. He graduated a master's degree in Fine Arts (specialization in Game Design)
Nielisson is an expert in Game & Level Design and 3D/2D art with Unity, Blender, Suite Adobe Gamification.


Lamya is our ethical advisor. She is the president of Sea Shepherd France and committed to protecting our planet and ocean wildlife.

Guillaume Gras, QA Manager

Guillaume is an engineer and entrepreneur who has 5 years experience as a technical director for critical systems in nuclear engineering and 5 years as the founder of a B2B SAAS digital startup.
He has co-founded, a start-up specialized in sports.
He has managed all technical projects in WeeDooit and has an extensive experience on managing complex technical projects.
Guillaume is in charge of quality and QA engineering at My Lovely Planet.

Jonathan Maingre, unity developer

Graduated from a master in 3D interactive technologies management, as well as from a Bachelor in 3D real time computer graphics, its professional and academic background allowed Jonathan to acquire a fine knowledge of methodologies and production workflows to carry out a computer project.
Jonathan is a top Unity developper who brings his knowledge, his passion and his enthusiasm to the My Lovely Planet adventure.

Eva Catrix, 3D designer

Eva is a hyper-talented 3D graphic designer. She developed all the 3D assets of My Lovely Planet and its cute universe.
Graduated from ENSAM Paritech, Master en management des technologies interactives 3D, one of the best 3D master in France.
Eva is in charge of creating an ultra cute and magical universe, in which you will have a lot of fun playing.
Creating an emotional connection between the player and his character is what drives Eva every day.
Made with love by the My Lovely Planet team 🌱❤️