⏭️What happens next?

If you are one of our 4700 investors, please watch this video carefully to connect your wallet to the dashboard.

⚠️ Connecting your wallet to the dashboard before Mai 6 is mandatory to receive your MLC tokens. ⚠️

If you are a beginner and have not yet created a wallet, please refer to this guide 🤝Creating a wallet - Guide for beginners.

For french investors:

To receive your $MLC tokens, you need to connect your wallet to our dashboard.

Very important:

  • It must be done before Mai 6

  • You must connect a decentralized wallet (Metamask or Tust Wallet for instance).

  • Please make sure you connect the right wallet on which you want your MLC tokens to be delivered. You will not be able to change it as it will be encoded in our smart contracts.

  • Your wallet must be Polygon compatible

Claim your tokens

Once the MyLovelyPlanet smart contracts are deployed, you will have the opportunity to claim your tokens available in accordance with the vesting period chosen during the purchase.


The listing is planned for Mai 2024 on an initial DEX (Decentralized Exchange), and we are in discussions with CEXs (Centralized Exchanges) for additional listings.

As a reminder, only 5% of the tokens owned by investors (Private and Public Sale) will be available at the TGE

As we will be listing the token at a price of $0.1


The vesting period is defined as follows :

  • - 5% of your $MLC will unlock at listing (only investors have $MLC at listing)

  • - 3 month cliff (no more token received during 3 month)

  • - The rest of the tokens unlocked everyday over the vesting period. (if you choose 2 years, you will receive $MLC everyday during 2 years)

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