Environmental protection

The unifying power of gaming combined with the innovation of the web3 to generate the world's largest movement for environmental protection.


The purpose of My Lovely Planet is to use the power of gaming and blockchain to make huge positive environmental impact for 3 of the main environmental issues we are facing:
  • Carbon capture through reforestation and the protection of existing forests.
  • To clean up the ocean by stopping plastic from flowing into it and cleaning plastics that are already in it.
  • Protection of biodiversity and animal welfare.
We give back 15% of our revenue to our NGO's partner and allocated 40% of our global initial supply to the Environmental treasury

3 Main objectives:

Here are our three objectives:
  • Planting and protecting a billion tree by 2030
  • Cleaning 1 million tons of plastic from the ocean
  • Protecting biodiversity and animal welfare
We have chosen these because we believe that they are 3 of the main environmental issues humanity is facing and they are closely interconnected. We want to scale up and bring fast solutions to these issues thanks to the power of gaming and blockchain.

The financial mechanic behind the magic.

How to transform virtual trees into real ones? How do we inject the money of the game into the financing of climate protection?
The money comes from the game revenues (Ads and In-App purchases) and NFT revenues.
We have 3 tools.

1- Financing environmental projects thanks to the MLP Environment treasury

We have created strategic partnerships with NGO's that are efficient and that have proven their quality of work.
  • Eden reforestation project: 700 000 000 trees planted through 229 sites
  • The plastic bank: 37 000 tons of plastic recovered from the ocean and recycled
  • The SPA, the main French organization for domestic animal protection
  • "Un toit pour les abeilles" a french organization that has protected more than 600 000 000 bees
  • Sea Shepherd - Sea Shepherd's sole mission is to protect and conserve the world's oceans and marine wildlife.
As My Lovely Planet expands, we will source more and more project worldwide.

2- Measuring the impact and transparency

Impact measurement is one of the most important things when you decide to take effective measures for the environment.
We publish every donation we make on the My Lovely Planet app.

3- Creating a global citizen movement

Spending money on improving the environment is a huge step forward to protect our planet, however, it is not sufficient. At some point, political actions must be taken.
Our vision is to create the biggest worldwide unified community of people that can take actions to protect the environment and make their voice heard to politicians.
Imagine 100 million people asking all at once that policies must be adopted to reduce the production of plastic waste, or to protect our forest.
We can even imagine implementing a specific gameplay for important causes such as struggling against wildfire or if companies want to exploit natural reserves (e.g.: the North Pole) so that the MLP community could take coordinated action such as petitions, email to their politics, intense lobbying, etc.
Made with love by the My Lovely Planet team 🌱❤️