Growth strategy

We empower every person in the world to act on climate protection with a simple smartphone. Our goal is to bring 100 million new users to the blockchain through 3 foundational elements:
🌎 An urgent and important Mission
The first foundation is our strong environmental protection mission.
My Lovely Planet brings technological innovations into the mobile gaming industry, as every action taken in the game translates into real-world environmental actions.
This changes the paradigm of mobile games.
This mission resonates greatly with the younger generation, which is experiencing 45% eco-anxiety and wants to take action for the climate.
This translates into a strong adherence and virality of the game. In TikTok, after only one year of communication in France for our beta version, My Lovely Planet has over 500,000 followers.
Therefore, we will be able to quickly scale internationally with the game launch and global influencer partnerships.
Our concept has already convinced Ubisoft, who selected us for the Ubisoft Lab, and Unity, who awarded us the international Unity For Humanity prize. We have over 560k followers on TikTok and over 10,000 players in the beta version.
Our Environmental Mission allows us to unite and create a strong brand retention and attachment. Players come back to the game because they are proud to see their impact grow.
💯 A casual game studio
The second foundation is the creation of a casual game studio to become the leader in casual gaming.
The idea is simple. Recreating every casual gameplay that creates the best mobile game in the world and adapt them to the very special sauce of My Lovely Planet to emphasize our mission of protecting the environment.
We develop the gaming environment internally with a team of 15 very experienced professionals that come from the best studio including veteran from King and Rovio.
✅ Easy web3 accessible to everyone
The third foundation is the invisible and frictionless integration of Web3 into the game through integrated wallet technology.
My Lovely Planet targets a general audience by using Web3 tools as assets to strengthen its product and mission without being a barrier to non-Web3 users.
Web3 is almost invisible in our game and provides a technological layer that creates value for players, the climate, and MLC token investors.
Regarding blockchain, My Lovely Planet has taken a different approach from most Web3 gaming projects. The game My Lovely Planet is 100% free. There is no need for NFTs or MetaMask to connect to the game; everything is very simple.
My Lovely Planet uses blockchain as a technology to enhance the gaming experience and multiply its positive impact on the planet.
This technology will be invisible to the players. Thus, they will have an integrated wallet created upon their first connection, allowing them to buy and spend My Lovely Coin, the in-game cryptocurrency, directly within the application.
My Lovely Planet targets a general audience by using Web3 tools as assets to strengthen its product and mission without being a barrier to non-Web3 users.
These three pillars allow us to create a Web3 game with strong retention. Players are proud of their impact and come back day after day to improve their island, have fun, and grow the global impact of the community.

The perfect match

The 15-25 year old generation (Gen Z or the post-millennial generation) sees the world differently. This generation uses digital to express themselves, to create, to innovate and to communicate. They are bold, inventive. They are ready to face the challenges the world is facing today, which will get worse if we just sit back and do nothing.
This is a generation that sees the devastation brought by climate change every year, and wants to get involved and fight. It is a generation ready to take up the challenge of the fight to protect our beautiful planet.
We are giving them a tool to help protect what is most precious to us, right in the palm of their hand.
The My Lovely Planet market-fit is perfect with this new generation. Already more than 560k followers follow our adventures on Tiktok, more than 70k players have already created an island on My Lovely Planet. For 2 years, we worked hand in hand with 10k beta testers who helped us and guided us to create a game that this new generation will love.
We don't create our game alone in our corner, we create it with them, in collaboration with thousands of caring and enthusiastic players.

Go to market:

Here are our 4 acquisition channels:
  • Organic growth with video content creation
  • Partnerships with influencers and brands
  • Paid acquisition
  • Referral, invite your friends on your island and challenge them!

Our organic growth

We very early realized the importance of the vertical video format in the social network ecosystem and more broadly in the way the new generation consumes entertainment, video and information.
We realized that we could have a significant advantage over other projects by being experts in creating short vertical video content.
That’s why we have created an internal video creation studio, the My Lovely Planet Content Creation Studio, run by Romane and Dimitri :
- brainstorming and weekly editorial review
- storytelling and copywriting of scripts
- organization of shooting days
- editing of videos and translation into French and English
- posting of videos on all the platforms Tiktok, Youtube Shorts, Instagram Reels
- Replying to comments and managing the community
This enables us to create 1 original content every day and drive lots of qualified traffic from social network.
Here is our numbers as of 10/01/2024
Total subscribers : 560k

Competitive advantages 1/2 - A vision and a purpose

The mobile gaming market is huge, as we have just demonstrated. But it is also competitive. What is our advantage over the others? Why do players should download our game more than any other game?
We have unfair advantages.
A vision and a purpose: being the first "Play to Save" game in history
First and foremost, this is the main reason for the creation of My Lovely Planet because we are, as a species, facing terrible environmental challenges that must be addressed. But to be able to have a huge positive impact, we must create a sustainable and independent structure. In terms of business this vision will help both on retention and acquisition with strong PR, influencers, and a strong sense of purpose for users.
We have a global mission that unites players and improves retention.
This mission shared by all players is what sets us apart from other projects.
Creating a community of 100 million players for the protection of the planet (reforestation, biodiversity and ocean cleanup) is what unites and rallies a whole generation behind My Lovely Planet.
Every new player joins a global community, and every new member is proud of his impact in the game. This sense of duty and contribution help us spread the word and gain ew players with organic growth.
Our sincerity in this approach is very important, because the environmental credibility is the most important thing for the trust that our supporters bring to us. Clément LE BRAS has dedicated hislife to societal and environmental entrepreneurship. With, our founder has worked hand in hand with NGOs for more than 7 years and donated more than 5 million euros.

Competitive advantages 2/3 - Our partners

First of all, we have surrounded ourselves with the world's best experts thanks to the Ubisoft Lab and Unity, to create a fun and addictive game that players love.
We worked with Ubisoft teams to create a solid foundation and understand the canvas for improving game design, gameplay, monetization, retention, data analysis and community animation.


We see some environmental game launching but it's still very early.
Our true competitors are all the casual mobile gaming companies from King and Voodoo to small publishers,

Building strong and engaged communities

Communities are going to be a central aspect of My Lovely Planet. Players will be able to join as many communities as they want and to invite their friend on their island.
Here are some functionality for communities:
  • Chat
  • Community missions (tree planted, waste collected, etc.)
  • See the global environmental impact of the community
  • Organize real world event

B2B revenus

Future new revenue streams will be explored as My Lovely planet Community grows.

Going mainstream with 100 millions holders

Polygon is also the blockchains for mass adoption, and that's what we are seeking with My Lovely Planet.
We are preparing the foundations of a game used by hundreds of millions of players, where the web3 is an invisible technology that brings extraordinary and immersive features in terms of game experience, access to communities, rewards for contribution, ownership of magical virtual objects, and many other possibilities that will be developed in the coming years!
This is our philosophy, to create a game that people love, and to bring them an even more enjoyable experience through an innovative technological tool.
We are innovators, and web3 gives us endless possibilities.
We also want to inspire a new generation to create unicorns with impact.
Made with love by the My Lovely Planet team 🌱❤️