Mission and Vision

When you plant a tree in the game, we plant a tree in the real world!
An apple tree

A never seen before concept!

My Lovely Planet is the first Play to Save game. The main concept is that everything you do in the game has a positive impact in the real world.
For instance if you plant a tree in the game we are planting a tree in the real world 🌳
If you clean waste, we also do so in the real world.
If you protect animals in the game, we protect biodiversity in the real world.


By funding concrete and efficient environmental actions by two means.
  • Firstly by donating 15% of the revenue generated by My Lovely Planet from ads and inApp purchase made in the game to NGO’s partners that act in the real world.
  • Secondly by allocating 40% of the initial My Lovely Coin supply to our Environmental Treasury.
The revenue donated to the environment is generated from both free-to-play gameplay (Ads and in-app Purchase) and NFT gameplay (MLC through the environment treasury).
See more in "Saving the environment"

A message from the future

The story of My Lovely Planets begins with a message from the future.
This message is sent by our friend Edward, a fox scientist that lives in 2083. This message is a video that we still have to decode. So far, we've only managed to extract only the voice and few images.

Founder track record

Clément Le Bras is the founder of My Lovely Planet.
With, his first company, Clement has already experienced how the internet can be a amazing tool when put to the service of our planet. Lilo is an ethical search engine that gives 50% of its revenue to NGO's chosen by the user.
Clement has brought Lilo from 0 to more than 6 million active users, 10 million € in revenue and given 5 million € to thousands of partners NGO's such as Sea Shepherd, Doctor of the world, among others.
Clément truly believes that blockchain technology and gaming can be an amazing, efficient and powerful tool to tackle the most pressing environmental issues. My Lovely Planet is what has been borned from this vision.

Our mission:

The first "Play to Save" community.
Climate change is fueling a mental health 'eco-anxiety' crisis among our children and young people, some of it fuelled by social media and much by a feeling of powerlessness.
More and more people are concerned about climate change.
Our first mission is to unite 100 million players around the world on the first and biggest "Play to Save" community to:
  • Plant and protect a billion trees by 2030
  • Clean 1 million tons of plastic from the ocean
  • Protect biodiversity and animal welfare
My Lovely Planet's mission
Our second mission is to create the biggest fund for environmental protection thanks to the My Lovely Coin token.

Gaming and blockchain for the environment.

Technology, gaming, and blockchains have potential to be one of the most powerful tools to unify and empower people to help solve pollution, climate change and the dramatic loss of biodiversity. Three of the most pressing and hard solving issues of our time.
My Lovely Planet is also a story about inspiring a new generation to be creative and to find new solutions for our planet.
Our vision for My Lovely Planet is to become a global leader of the mobile gaming industry and a major contributor to the environment thanks to a mobile game that gives everybody the power to act for the climate while having fun and meeting new people.
Is blockchain compatible with an Ecofriendly project ?
My Lovely Planet token (MLC) and NFT’s are based on Polygon which is a layer 2 of Ethereum.
We have all hear that blockchain is really energy intensive and polluting. So how could you make an ecofriendly project on blockchain ?
It’s possible because there are two different blockchain technologies. One is Proof Of Work and is the one used by bitcoin. The other one is Proof Of Stake which is the one used by Polygon and Ethereum.
Proof of Stake technology consume up to 2 000 000 times less energy for the same number of transactions. This is more than the difference between a plane CO2 emission and an electrical bike. In other word, Proof of stake technology answers every questions about blockchain energy consumption and pollution in terms of negative impact.
But we don’t stop there. We can have an amazing positive impact for the planet with blockchain technology. See more in the "Environment protection" section.
The My Lovely Coin MLC at the center of an Ecosystem of ecofriendly products
Our vision for our company is to develop an ecosystem of services that will all generate money and that will be used to increase the money we give to the planet and to buy back the MLC.
All these products will have one common ground, you will spend your MLC and generate money for the environment.
Here is a list of products we plan to launch within the next 5 years:
  • My Lovely Shop: An ethical competitor of Amazon
  • My Lovely Brand: Customized islands for major companies and brand partners
  • My Lovely Collectible: An NFT marketPlace
  • My Lovely Friend: A social network
  • My Lovely News: Multi-channel media to engage young people and put pressure on major polluters
  • My Lovely Shirt: A marketplace for ethical products Etc.
Made with love by the My Lovely Planet team 🌱❤️