๐Ÿค‘How to transfer your $MLC on MEXC, and sell them

In this article, we're going to see step-by-step how to send your MLC from MetaMask to MEXC and sell them on MEXC.

Step 1: Get your Polygon public address from MEXC

First, connect to your account on MEXC (with your email / password and Google Authenticator code for example), or create one if you don't have one yet.

Once connected to your account, click on 'Wallet' and 'Deposit'.

Then, click on the asset type, search for 'MLC' and select it in the list.

Once selected, the network will appear. Click in the white rectangle below to generate an address to transfer your tokens to. A Polygon address will appear, with a symbol to copy it on the side, as shown on the picture.

Step 2: Transfer your $MLC from MetaMask to MEXC

Open your MetaMask wallet, click on your ML and click 'Send'. In the empty box, copy/paste your Polygon address from MEXC (the address generated at the end of step 1), select the amount of $MLC you want to send and click 'Next'.

Please note: We advice you to first send a small amount of $MLC to make sure everything works and your $MLC arrive to your MEXC account. Then, send more if you want. Transaction fees are low on Polygon, so this is a worthy safety step in our opinion.

You can then click 'Confirm'. The transaction state should appear in your wallet.

Within a few minutes, the transaction state should update on your MEXC account, and your $MLC should be visible in your spot assets ('Wallet' -> 'Spot').

To sell your $MLC, click on 'Spot' in the top-menu, and select 'Spot'. In the following page, search for $MLC in the search-bar and select it.

Once the $MLC listed on MEXC, its price will appear in the middle of the window. Choose how to want to sell (Limit to sell at a certain price / Market to sell at the current market price, etc).

Then, in the right column (left column to buy, right column to sell) select the price at which you want to sell and the quantity and click 'sell' (the 'sell' button will be available once the $MLC listed on MEXC).

Please note: We advice selling assets at Limit price and not Market price. This allows you to select the precise price at which the asset will be sold and avoid selling your assets at variable price, according to the demand.

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