Referral Program

As mentioned in the last page, you can be invited by one of your friends using a referral code and enjoy a 10% bonus in $MLC tokens.
Once you have invested, you can also refer your friends and earn a 10% bonus on their first investment, so don't hesitate to share the opportunity!
Note: This bonus is only applicable to the first transaction
Referral program

OPTION 1: Add the code during Registration phase

Step 0: First and foremost, please remember the referral code, as it will be useful for your registration.

Step 1a: Mail/Password registration

  • If you choose to use the standard registration process, if you have a referral code, add the it in the designated section.
  • In case you have forgotten to add the code in the registration section, a new pop-up will appear to offer you the opportunity to add it again.

Step 1b: Register with Google

To simplify your registration, you also have the option to sign up with Google.

A new pop-up will appear to offer you the opportunity to add the referral code.

Final Step : Visualization of the proper functioning of the referral system.

In the "Referral" section (on the left side of the page), you will have a visual confirmation that your referrer has been successfully added.

OPTION 2: Add the code directly in the "Referral" section.

Step 0: Go to "REFERRAL" section (and wait for the loading phase)
Step 1: Enter your referral code and click "SAVE"
Step 2: Your code is saved in the database!
Step 3: Make your first investment and receive a 10% bonus.
Once your first transaction is completed, the green banner will be updated to indicate that the first transaction has been made.
Note: If you have made your first transaction without entering a referral code, it will be too late to receive a bonus. The following red banner will be displayed on the screen.
No manual additions will be made retrospectively.
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