📌Referral Event - STOPPED THE 31/09/2023

All you need to need to know about the Referral Event

Before anything else, make sure to familiarize yourself with the referral system on this page:


What are the rules of the event?

A - Each referral helps you level up.

B - A referral is considered valid if the referred person makes their first investment.

C - The referred person must complete the KYC process to receive their tokens and rewards.

D - With each new referral, the referrer moves up on the 'Lovely Medals' scale.

E - The referred person receives a 10% bonus on their first investment.

F - Each new achieved level grants specific rewards as indicated in the 'Rewards Table'.

G - The number of tokens earned at each level is calculated based on the rate of 1 $MLC = 0.1$ (listing price).

H - The earned USDT and $MLC tokens at each level will be sent to the referrer's linked public address.

I - Only one winner will be selected for the 'Magic Chance Challenge'.

J - The prize for the 'Magic Chance Challenge' will be distributed in USDT directly to the winner's public address.

K - Reward distribution on October, 1st 2023.

L - The event closes on September, 1st 2023.

What are the different rewards?

A - Magic Chance Challenge: We will draw 1 Magic Ticket from the Total Magic Tickets at stake, and the person drawn will win the prize pool. The prize pool starts at $1000 USDT and can potentially increase if the event is a success!

--> The more referrals you have, the more Magic Tickets you will get, increasing your chances of winning the Magic Chance Challenge

--> The draw will take place during the Lovely Friend Party!

B - Magic Chance Ticket: Ticket allowing participation in the "Magic Chance Challenge" to win 1000 $USDT. The more tickets you have, the more chances you have to win the draw C - VIP Invitation to the Lovely Friend Party: End-of-public-sale party organized in September in Paris to meet the entire team.

D - $MLC: MyLovelyCoin token defining the utility token of the MyLovelyPlanet project.

E - $USDT: stable cryptocurrency designed to maintain a value equivalent to the US dollar. (1$ = 1 $USDT). If you want, you an transform your USDT in €, we can help you with that if that's the first time you'll do it

F - NFT: "Non-Fungible Token" is a unique and exclusive collectible object related to MyLovelyPlanet.

G - Amazing Secret price : It's a surprise... 😄

What are the different ranks?

  • Rank 0 : You start as a Lovely User if you have 0 referral

  • Rank 1 : You become a Lovely Helper if you have referred 1 person

  • Rank 2 : You become a Lovely Supporter if you have referred 2 people

  • Rank 3 : You become a Lovely Explorer if you have referred 3 people

  • Rank 4 : You become a Lovely Champion if you have referred 5 people

  • Rank 5 : You become a Lovely Hero if you have referred 10 people

  • Rank 6 : You become a Lovely Guardian if you have referred 20 people

What is the progression of rewards per rank?

Webpage Overview

Magic Chance Challenge

  • Depending on your rank, you receive a certain amount of magic tickets.

    --> For example, if you are a Lovely Explorer, you receive 5 Magic Tickets.

  • You can compare your number of Magic Tickets to the Total Magic Tickets at stake.

    --> For example, if there are 1022 Magic Tickets at stake, you have a 5 out of 1022 chance of being drawn

  • The Magic Chance Challenge ends on the event's end date (September, 1st 2023)

Stats and Rewards

You can view your current statistics:

  • Number of referrals

  • Your current rank

  • The amount of tokens you've earned through referrals

  • The number of referrals you need to obtain before moving to the next rank

And also a recap of your current rewards:

  • USDT rewards

  • $MLC token rewards

  • VIP Invitation

  • Magic Tickets earned

  • NFT and Secret Price

Don't hesitate to share this event with as many people as possible!


Thank you again for your support! Together, we will create a community of 100 million players to protect the environment.💚

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