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FIRST STEP - CONFIRM YOU ARE NOT A BOT This first step is mandatory to receive your airdrop. Please follow all the steps carefully. You have until the 20th of June to complete the first step. If you didn't do it before the 20th of June, you must still do this 1st step, but you will only be able to receive your airdrop $MLC tokens at the second claim date on the 30/09/2024.

SECOND STEPS - CLAIM YOUR TOKENS ON SABLIER This claim will be available at listing the 25th of June


You will have untill the 20/06/2024 to complete the step below. If you miss that date, you will be eligible for the second claim (see calendar at the bottom of this page)

Step 1.1 : Go to , create an account and validate your email

IMPORTANT INFORMATION : If you have participated on both and -> You don't need to create 2 account on You just need to create one account on

This step is mandatory. It's a protection against bots. It will also enable us to send you important information about your airdrop by email.

You don't have to connect your wallet on the website

If your email is not verified you will see that

When your email is connected you will see that

Step 1.2 : Make sure you follow @MyLovelPlanet1 on Twitter

This step is mandatory. It was displayed in the quest that you have to follow My Lovely Planet on Twitter ( Thus if you are not following our Twitter account when you are doing Claim process, it will not work (so make sure you did follow us and you didn't unfollow our twitter account)

Step 1.3 : Fill in the same email on the quest dashboard.

To do this, go to the quest dashboard (either or depending on the quest you did)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION : If you have participated on both and -> You need to fill in the same email you used to create your account on both quest website.

Please note: We are talking here about the email you provide in the form on the quest websites, not the email of your account on the quest websites. On the popup, where we ask you for your email, fill in the same email you have used to create your account on

This will enable us to verify you have created your account on

Please note: Your airdrop rewards ($MLC) will not be visible on the dashboard. It's normal as only $MLC bought by investors are visible here. No worries, your airdrop rewards are safe, they will be visible after June 25, on

Step 1.4: Wait for the first update and clic on the "claim is open" button

If you have done the previous step 1, 2 and 3 you will be able to go claim your MLC tokens by clicking on the "claim is open" button on the website.

The first claim will be open the 25/06/2024. After your first claim, you will then be able to claim your remaining tokens regularly on every month after the initial 3 months cliff according to the vesting details below:

  • 5% of your total tokens available at first claim

  • 3 months cliff (it means no more tokens claimable during 3 months)

  • 9 months total vesting period (after those 3 months cliff, the remaining tokens will become progressively available over the remaining 6 months)

If you didn't do the previous steps, you will not be able to claim this round but you can still perform the previous steps and wait for the next emails update and claim date (see calendar below).

Date of update of wallets on sablier.

First update and first claim phase : 25/06/2024

Second update / second claim phase for those who missed first one: 30/09/2024

Third update / last claim phase : 15/10/2024 - After this date, you will not be able to claim your airdrop if you haven't filled the requirements above


AVAILABLE THE 25th of June 2024

IF YOU COMPLETED the above requirements IN TIME, it means you are ready to claim at different Claim phase dates just above. Now, begin by Checking airdrop eligibility and start the airdrop token stream

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you connect your wallet on before June 25, you're wallet will be shown as 'non-eligible'. It's normal. Your wallet will be recognized on after your first claim on June 25.

1st step: Open this shared link and follow the steps:


2nd step: Connect your wallet in the right top corner and click on next when you choose the right wallet eligible to airdrop

3rd step: once wallet connected, click on "Check eligibility for 0x...." button

When the sidebar is open click on the "Check" button to check if you are eligible to this airdrop

4th step: if you are eligible you can now click on "Start the stream" which will release some token every few seconds according to the vesting duration. (If you are not eligible, please check all the eligibility requirements at the beginning of this tutorial, or go to step 4bis below)

4th step bis: also, if you are not eligible maybe it's the wrong wallet, close the sidebar and disconnect the current wallet in the right top croner of your current connected wallet, then you could retry at step 1 by connecting another wallet.

What if I don't see my wallet adress on when I click on "Claim is open"

If you don't see your wallet adresse on, it means you have not either created your account on in time or follow My Lovely Planet on Twitter (please check requirements process at the beginning of this page).

You can still create your account and follow My Lovely Planet on Twitter. We will update the sablier website with new wallets according to the following calendar. If you have missed a date, you'll have to wait for the next date to be able to claim

5th step: sign the transaction to start the stream

Click on View Stream to view how many token you could Claim, or go to the dashboard here and click the stream you just created

Now Claim airdrop token in Sablier token stream

1st step of claiming: Open the shared link and follow the steps.

2nd step of claiming:Connect your wallet in the right top corner and click on next when you choose the right wallet eligible to airdrop

3rd step of claiming: Go to the dashboard here and click the stream where you want to claim token

4th step of claiming: To withdraw (claim) an amount of released token you can click on "Withdraw" button, and once your are in the sidebar put the amount you want to withdraw and click on the "Withdraw" button again to create a transaction of withdraw and receive your token

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