STEP 2bis - Eligible for 2nd Claim phase


IF YOU DID NOT COMPLETE the requirements from the STEP 1 (Mail validation) BEFORE 20/06/2024, it means your address has not been validated in time in first Smart Contracts for 1st claim phase. To claim your tokens, you will just need to wait for the 2nd claim Phase, coming in 3 months on 25/09/2024:

The claiming for this 2nd Claim phase will be very simple.

You just have to wait and come back on website as soon as the cliff period from vesting is over (first 3 months since the listing date), after 25/09/2024. At this date, without any additional action on your part other than having completed Step 1 - Mail Validation requirements - you will automatically receive your MLC Tokens in your wallet. As shown on the above screenshot, you can find your wallet address in which you will receive the tokens on the Airdrop tab. It is the same wallet address that you used to complete the Quests.

Please note that it is IMPOSSIBLE to change this wallet address, the tokens will be sent automatically to this address by the Smart Contract, and we cannot change this anymore. After this (you can also do it before 25/09/2024) we advise you to follow our TUTORIAL about how to view your $MLC on MetaMask (the tutorial to add $MLC to TrustWallet is also available through that link).

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