Website Overview


On the Dashboard, you will find all the necessary information regarding your investments and the public sale :
  • The "Buy Tokens" section will take you to the $MLC token purchase page. Here, you can view the status of the sale, the current round price, and the time remaining before transitioning to the next round.
  • The "Tokens Balance" section provides a summary of your total number of tokens, including the breakdown of tokens purchased, obtained as bonuses, and earned through referrals.
  • You can also read some articles featuring information about the project in the newspapers
  • Lastly, you can find your referral code and the verification status of your email address.


On the "Transactions" page, you can find a complete overview of your validated, declined, or pending transactions.
Each payment is divided into three consecutive lines:
  • The amount of purchased tokens
  • The amount of tokens obtained as a bonus
  • The amount of tokens obtained through referrals (if you have a referrer)
Note: In the illustration below, since you do not have a referrer, only two lines will be displayed

My MLC Tokens

The "My MLC Token" page is an extraction of the "Token Balance" section on the Dashboard and provides a summary of the allocated amount of tokens to you.
You can also learn more about the referral program by clicking on "Read more."
My MLC Token


On the "Referral" page, you will find all the information regarding your referrer or the friends you have referred.
If you have been referred, you will see the name of the person who referred you displayed in green.
Referred side
If you have referred friends, you will find the following information:
  • The number of people you have referred
  • The amount of tokens you have earned through referrals
  • The percentage bonus assigned to you
  • The list of your referrals, including the number of transactions they have made and the number of tokens they have earned for you as bonuses individually
Referrer side

Main Website and WhitePaper

The "Main Website" and "WhitePaper" pages will direct you straight to the primary website of MyLovelyPlanet, where you can find comprehensive information about the project, including the vision, analytics, and tokenomics.
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