Proceedings of the last public sale from 01/02/24 to 17/03/2024

  • Amount of tokens for this sale sale: 34,000,000 $MLC
  • Price increase at the end of each week
  • Minimum purchase : 200€
  • Maximum purchase : 5 000€

Available payment methods

  • Credit card €
  • SEPA Bank Transfer €
  • ETH on Ethereum
  • BNB on BNB Chain
  • USDT on Ethereum, Polygon and BNB Chain
Payment methods

Vesting Schedule

During the public sale of MyLovelyPlanet, investors have the opportunity to purchase $MLC tokens with different vesting options, each offering a bonus in tokens.
The vesting schedule is as follows:
  • 5% TGE : 5% of the tokens are accessible to investors at the Token Generation Event (TGE).
  • 3-month cliff : There is a 3-month cliff period where no additional tokens are released.
  • Daily Release : After the cliff period, the remaining tokens are released daily over the remaining vesting period.
In addition, investors can choose from the various vesting durations available, with each duration offering a different bonus in tokens.
Vesting Bonus
Let's assume an investor decides to purchase 10,000 $MLC tokens during the public sale and chooses the 2.5-year vesting option with a 15% bonus (1500 $MLC bonus).
Here is the token distribution over time:
  • 5% TGE = 0.05*(10000 + 1500) = 575 $MLC
  • No token during a 3-month period
  • In our example, after a 3-month cliff period, there are 27 months remaining (~810 days)
  • Daily release after 3 months : (11500 - 575) / 810 = ~13.5 $MLC / day
At the end of the 30 months (2.5 years), the investor will have received 11,500 $MLC
Excellent! You now possess all the necessary information to proceed with your investment.
Made with love by the My Lovely Planet team 🌱❤️