Option 2 : Payment in Crypto


Manual payment

Step 1 :

  • Select your mean of payment
  • Fill in your Public Address where your funds come from (1)
  • Add the amount you want to invest (2)
  • Choose your vesting bonus by moving the slider left to right (3)
  • Make sure you've read "Learn More" section about Vesting schedules (4)
  • And finally click on "Buy Now" (5)

Step 2 :

  • Send the amount to the following public address and make sure you are on the good networks
  • Confirm the transfer by clicking when the transfer is done

Step 3 :

  • When your transaction is validated by the blockchain, copy/paste the Transaction ID in the section as shown below
  • Click on "I confirm transaction hash" --> Your txID will be saved in the database
  • You'll be contacted by email as soon as your payment has been validated by MyLovelyPlanet admin.
Congratulations! You have successfully completed the crypto payment process. You can now jump into the "What happens next?" page to learn about the next steps regarding the acquisition of your tokens.
Made with love by the My Lovely Planet team 🌱❤️