My Lovely Planet is already availlable on App Store and Play Store, let's have fun, make cool friends and protect the environment!
“A very cool game where you can have a lot of fun, grow the most beautiful and greenest island, develop your Lovely Protector, play incredibly addictive mini-games, invite your friends on your island, make cool new friends and be proud of your contribution on climate protection…and maybe earn some tokens along the way !”
Everything you can do in My Lovely Planet universe

“Play to save” mobile gaming

My Lovely Planet players come first to have fun while having an impact!
Players are supporting the projects of their choice by using their seeds (which is the in-game currency).
Seeds can be earned by:
  • playing (multiplayer competitions, collecting them with rare buildings, etc.)
  • watching ads or buying them with In-App purchase
  • buying them with MLC
Here is an example of a player financing a reforestation project by giving his seeds to make his tree grow.
Each seed represents money in the real world that finance ONGs thanks to the money generated from ads and inApp purchases.
Everytime a player does something on his island with his seeds, we do it in real life. For example, if a player plants a tree, we plant a tree in real life. Or if he cleans up waste, we are cleaning up waste.

Build the most beautiful island!

On the one hand, a phase of construction and management of the island: the players each have a space to build with elements of different themes.
In this space, the player's avatar, which can be customized, can move around the islands, navigate between the islands created, etc. Some elements of the islands can evolve if they receive "seeds".
These elements are visualized by the hand with a seed. For the player, the goal is to make his island evolve (or his islands according to the choices of construction made by the player) thanks to donations of "seeds". These "seeds" can be acquired in the following gameplay levels.
To help Edward and achieve your global mission, players must complete tasks to earn XP, reach the next level, and make their characters evolve.
Some levels offer rare rewards, island expansion, rare orbs and more...
Each time a player finishes a mission, they will receive a reward like objects or set elements to grow their island.
As players progress through the game, they will have access to hundreds of items such as a field house, chains, jobs, a lake, a fire tree, a deer, a house on stilts, a totem pole, exotic plants, a surf bar, a parasol, a seed hut, a lighthouse, a vegetable garden, a campfire, etc…
A magical telescope
Players can design their island as they wish and let their creativity run wild!
The bigger and more beautiful their island, the more proud they will be to share it on social networks.

Play mini-games in the Game Arena

The Game Arena
Mini-games: The mini-games are based on the principle of hyper casual games. They are short (1 to 2 minutes) and fun games. They allow you to win "seeds" and "stars", the two currencies of the game at this stage, according to the number of points scored.
There are 4 mini-games in the current Beta version:
  • Find the pets: a memory game
  • Happy Fruity: coordination game
  • Honey party: speed game
  • Clean the Wastes: a puzzle game
Our objective is to have thousands of minigames playable directly from our app and developed either internally or externally.
The Game Arena is what will enable My Lovely Planet to become a major platform for casual gaming in the world.

Challenge your friends!

A race between the players: In the Game Arena, the player must pass stages, materialized by chests, and be the best classified.
The ranking and the chests allow to receive "seeds", as well as stars. The "stars" allow the acquisition of elements of decoration or new construction spaces. They are acquired in the same way as the "seeds" by winning the race and in the mini-games.
You can also plays mini games in multiplayer. Currently with have a dual mode and plan to develop more mode (battle royal, etc.)

Buy an NFT Lovely Protector and play more!

NFT Lovely Protector
NFT gameplay will be added in late 2023. Some players will be able to buy NFT Protectors. These are their magical characters in the game.
Every player has a character but NFT Protectors bring the player lots of new amazing possibilities within the My Lovely Planet.
  • First, they will be able to have exclusive new objects and skins for their characters.
  • Secondly, they will earn MLC with play and earn with their NFT Volunteer. They will then be able to spend their MLC in the game or to sell them on the market.
  • Thirdly, they will have access to unique content such as minigames competition only for NFT Protectors with special rewards MLC, legendary object and skins, etc.). They will have access to exclusive communities within My Lovely Planet.
So we have a cool game that people can download in seconds and start protecting the planet while having fun. The gameplay of My Lovely Planet has been thought to convince a mature market in full growth. Now we'll introduce you to the market we're addressing.

Lovely Volunteers

Lovely Volunteer
The Lovely Volunteers are magical and extremely cute characters that will help you keep your island in good shape, and carry out missions. They are a precious help to progress in the game.
Made with love by the My Lovely Planet team 🌱❤️